About us

Hey, I'm x'Ar The Explorer, the public speaker of XenonLabs. Our goal is to make world-changing discoveries like intergalactic travel, teleportation, or aliens. These things, unfortunately, take time so in the meantime we will try to keep you entertain with our video games.
The team is currently made of me (who writes all these things), and webik150 (who codes the game, and now also the website).


Currently, we're working on 2 games. One is centered around myself. It's named The Adventures of x'Ar The Explorer: EnderOne, which is kinda long, so you can call it just Aox or whatever.
The second has WIP-Title Particity, and is just an idea we'd love to make into a full game.
You can access info about each game either by clicking its name, or by clicking its entry in the menu under "Our Projects".

If you'd like to follow the development (and potential discoveries), you can find us on: