Not sure why You're here, but since You are, I'm webik150. I'm an artist from Czechia. I like pretty things. Here's some of my projects. I'm really lazy so updating the list is slow.


Digitální on-line tabule

A digital whiteboard for schools.

Database of tales and legends

An online database of Czech tales and legends.

Online IT dictionary

A online IT dictionary based on work of Mgr. Jana Novotná

History in images

A timeline-based databse of historic events

PGR Project

School project for an OpenGL course.

Fractal Generator

A 3D parametric fractal generator for Blender.

Noise Generator V2

Now with GPU generation and more.


A reverse tower defense game.

Planet Defender

A game showcasing my Perlin Noise generator.

Perlin Noise Generator

My high-school graduation project.

Adventures of x'Ar The Explorer: EnderOne

A top-down spacesim adventure game.


A puzzle game prototype with TTS.


A 2D adventure game.

Projects I made for others

Wordsearch generator

High-school graduation project.

Slot machine game

High-school graduation project.



Different takes on a dumpster.

AOX Music Video

Indefinitely postponed because animating makes me angry.

Čerstvá Sváča

Worked on their mobile app for some time.


Pokémon: World-Wide Adventures

Another attempt at a 3D Pokémon game, this one with multiplayer.

Pokémon Thingy

I don't even know what to call it.

Pokémon: Curse of Time

Yuuuuuup, a 3D Pokémon game. No, never finished.